Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

It is tradition for my son and I to go on an every other weekend donut run, and we do have a couple of amazing mom and pop donut shops around the corner; however, if we don’t get up early enough they are all sold out. So this past weekend, we didn’t wake up until around 8:30 and I knew our shops would probably be slim pickins! Then I remembered as a child my grandma would make these amazing cinnamon sugar donuts, so I took a stab at it, and they were just as tasty as I remembered!

Make sure you drop a piece of dough into your oil to make sure it isn’t too hot.

You will need Grands Juniors Flaky Layers (I used the small can that includes five biscuits), cinnamon and sugar.

  • Use a small round cookie cutter to create donut shape; save excess dough to create donut balls
  • Heat up about half an inch of oil on medium-low heat for about five minutes
  • Combine 1/2 cup sugar and 1 tbsp cinnamon
  • Drop dough into oil for about one minute on each side or until golden brown
  • Remove from oil and dip into sugar/cinnamon mixture








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