Be aware of fraudulent schemes targeting Medicare patients

Recently, there has been an increase in fraudulent companies calling Medicare patients to request that they order a “free” cheek swab kit to perform genetic heart testing. This is a scam. 

These fraudulent companies will likely:

  • Identify themselves as “American Health Screening” or “Open Med” (though there are multiple names they go by)
  • Know your SSN, DOB and address
  • Ask for the name of your primary care physician
  • Tell you to visit their website (which does not exist)
  • Tell you the test is covered under Medicare (it isn’t!)
  • Request your Medicare information

If you fall victim to this scam, Medicare will likely deny this claim, leaving you responsible for the cost of the test (thousands of dollars).

Remember, if someone outside of your doctor’s office requests your Medicare information, do not share it. If you think you might be a victim of Medicare fraud, contact the HHS OIG Hotline.